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Wired vs. Wireless Peripherals: Which is Better for Gaming?

March 22, 2016

Wired vs. Wireless Peripherals: Which is Better for Gaming?

It’s a debate as old as time (or so it seems) with staunch supporters on each side.  When it comes to PC gaming, should gamers use wired or wireless peripherals?  Does a wired mechanical gaming keyboard like the Rantopad MXX or a wired gaming mouse like the Rantopad FF perform better than a wireless version of the same product?  Although everyone has their own preference in regards to what they like to game with, there are pros and cons on both sides of the spectrum.


Everyone enjoys having an awesome battle-station.  When considering aesthetics and aesthetic appeal, people tend to lean more towards wireless peripherals because they don’t appreciate the look of cables running across the desk.  Additionally, proponents of wireless technology argue that wires get tangled, broken, or frayed, and can get caught on other items in the setup while gaming; this could be detrimental to gameplay.  On the other hand, certain wireless mouse companies make a docking station to make charging a wireless mouse easier.  Though helpful, this docking station has the potential to take up desk and gaming space, as well as reduce the aesthetic appeal of one’s setup.


For gamers who want the option to be able to move around, have their keyboard on their lap, or game from somewhere other than their desk, wireless products are a good fit.  Generally speaking, wireless peripherals with Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless technology – which is standard – can work up to approximately 30 feet away.  While a wireless keyboard using 2.4GHz does use a USB port, wireless peripherals using Bluetooth technology do not.  This means a wireless keyboard with Bluetooth could, in theory, be moved around the room and still played with.  One of the biggest pros of having wireless peripherals is that having no cords may make the gaming experience more comfortable.  However, when gaming, it is also nice to have a keyboard that stays in one place and will be immovable during the gaming process.  Wired peripherals also don’t run the same risk of being lost as wireless peripherals.

Connection and Battery Life

When you game with wired peripherals, there is no need to worry about battery life or connectivity.  Because they are plugged in, wired peripherals don’t run out of battery in the same way wireless products do.  In fact, having a wireless product could be expensive if someone games a lot as they might have to consistently replace their batteries.  Battery life and connectivity are also important in terms of gameplay.  If someone is playing a game in which it is necessary to have a quick response time, a wireless keyboard or mouse could be detrimental.  This is because the batteries of wireless peripherals might die in the middle of a gaming, leaving the gamer with no way to control what is happening.  Additionally, wired gaming peripherals have better latency (a faster time between stimulation and response) and do not experience lag.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, wireless connectivity could lead to a large amount of lag.  This could come from a sleep mode used to preserve battery, a poor connection, random un-syncing of wireless products, and interference.  If other devices are operating on a wireless channel or band, such as a 2.4GHz cordless phone, the wireless products might have some problems.


In terms of gameplay, wired mice tend to have a higher DPI than wireless mice.  DPI is also known as Dots Per Inch and the higher it is, the more sensitive the mouse is.  A mouse with higher DPI will react to smaller movements and the cursor will move more across the screen.  Wired keyboards are also said to register key clicks more quickly than wireless keyboards; in some cases, wireless keyboards have not even registered all key clicks made.  There has been a large consensus that wired products are better for First Person Shooter (FPS) games than wireless products.

Although both wired and wireless gaming peripherals have their benefits, it is up to individual gamers to decide what works best for them.  But if you are looking for budget-friendly, high-quality wired peripherals, please check out our mechanical keyboards and FF gaming mouse.