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N-Key Rollover: How It Helps Your Game

March 29, 2016

N-Key Rollover: How It Helps Your Game

For PC gamers, a mechanical keyboard is often one of your best gaming assets.  Not only do rubber dome or membrane keyboards – aka “normal” keyboards – not have the switches you need to succeed, but they also tend to not have, or to only have a small amount of, key rollover.

What is key rollover? 

Key rollover refers to the ability for your computer hardware to recognize keystrokes when multiple keys are pressed or held down simultaneously.  Rubber dome keyboards tend to only have key rollover for certain keys, mainly keys that are often held down together.  For example, “control – alt – delete” or “Shift – any other key” are often used together.  This type of rollover can also be referred to as “X-Key Rollover” with X being the amount of keys which can be pressed at once.  A keyboard in which 6 keys can be pressed simultaneously would be referred to as having 6-key rollover.  Another type of key rollover is the N-Key Rollover, also sometimes referred to as NKRO.

What is the difference between X-Key Rollover and N-Key Rollover?

The Rantopad MXX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Rantopad MT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard are both equipped with N-Key rollover.  While X-Key Rollover only allows for a certain amount of keys to be pressed at one time, N-Key rollover gives players the ability to receive the maximum amount of rollover at any time.  Simply put, N-Key rollover means that players will be able to press down on any amount simultaneously and all keys pressed will register.  This is because a keyboard fitted with this function has each key being scanned independently.  No matter how many keys are pressed, it is certain that they will all be read and understood by the computer.

What are the benefits of N-Key Rollover for PC users and gamers?

One of the biggest benefits of N-Key rollover in a gaming keyboard is the fact that gamers have unlimited use of the keys during their gameplay.  Many gamers use the traditional WASD keys, as well as arrow keys, to perform actions in their games.  These actions can be compounded by the use of other keys.  With N-Key rollover, it is possible to use and press as many keys as needed to increase one’s gaming experience.  N-Key rollover also combats the issue of ghosting. 

What is ghosting and how does N-Key Rollover keep it from happening?

Ghosting has been described as two main things; first, ghosting can occur when multiple keys are pressed and an extra letter or key is registered.  For example, if someone simultaneously presses down X and N, ghosting would occur when X, N, and Q were all registered by the computer.  This could be detrimental to someone playing a game because an accidental key being registered might cause an action in the game that would hurt the gameplay or make the player perform in an unwanted manner.  Ghosting, in its second form, is when multiple keys are pressed down but in doing so, one or more keys are not registered or recognized by the computer.  This can similarly harm gameplay; if multiple keys are pressed in order to perform a certain action and those keys are not recognized, the action will not be performed.  In reference to WASD and arrow keys, someone might not be able to move adequately within the game without the freedom given to them by N-Key rollover.  Because of the benefits of N-Key Rollover and the fact that each key is scanned independently, ghosting cannot occur.  The keyboard will always read all keystrokes and key presses, optimizing your gameplay. That is why buying a Rantopad mechanical keyboard will help you level up your game.