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3 Reasons Why You Should Try a Gaming Mouse

April 07, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Try a Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming, you need gear that can last through all styles of game play.  This is especially true for gaming mice.  When you’re in the middle of a game, having a less-than-responsive, lag-prone, or uncomfortable gaming mouse can end up being detrimental.  Having a solid gaming mouse can be one of the most powerful gaming tools you have which is why it’s important for you to pick the right one.  If you’re curious about what a mouse like the Rantopad FF gaming mouse can do for you, check out our three main reasons for buying a gaming mouse.


With the amount of time that gamers spend using a mouse, it is important for that mouse to have an ergonomic design.  As stated in our “10 Facts About Gaming Mice” blog, gamers tend to have three gaming grips – the palm grip, the fingertip grip, and the claw grip.  Regardless of the grip type, a gamer that spends a lot of time playing will need to have a comfortable mouse.  While certain mice are made for specific gaming grips, ergonomic gaming mice are generally more likely to fit naturally in your hand than normal, non-gaming mice.

Precision and Sensitivity

The Dots Per Inch (DPI) of a mouse is generally very important to gamers.  Our “Wired vs. Wireless Peripherals” blog post explains more about DPI and its relation to mouse sensitivity.  Basically, the higher the DPI, the more sensitive and responsive to movement the mouse will be.  A mouse with higher DPI will react to smaller movements and the cursor will move more, and farther, across the screen.  The general consensus is that a mouse with adjustable DPI settings is better for FPS (First Person Shooter) games because they require responsiveness and precision.  Adjustable DPI settings allow for gamers to move quickly and shoot fast during their game with a higher DPI while a lower DPI setting is better for sniping and more precise shots.  For the Rantopad FF Gaming Mouse, gamers can choose to play with 800, 1600, or 3500 DPI.  This customizability allows gamers to choose which setting is most optimal for their style of game play.


It's no secret that things can get a little intense when you're gaming.  When you're playing for hours a day, during which time the mouse is constantly being moved around, the mouse is going to experience a lot of stress.  With clicking, moving, and daily use (don't worry - we play daily too!), your mouse has to be able to stand up to not only typical wear and tear but also to extra strain and movement.  Plus, you never know when you might accidentally slam or hit the mouse against your desk in a really extreme moment of gaming.  Gaming mice are crafted to be able to handle long periods of usage and stress and will, therefore, not give out on you in the middle of a game.  While regular mice may be fine for day to day use, you want something durable and well-made when it comes to gaming.

In the end, a gaming mouse is not a magical tool to help you suddenly become a gaming champion (although that would be cool).  However, choosing a good gaming mouse can increase your comfort during the game, allowing you to last for longer periods of game time, and contribute to better responsiveness and accuracy.  Using a gaming mouse can help you optimize your game play.