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MXX RGB Keyboard Manual & Driver

August 25, 2017

MXX RGB Keyboard Manual & Driver

Rantopad would like to thank everyone that pre-ordered and purchased the pre-sale units from Amazon. We will be creating packaging in English and available for download in the summer.

In the meantime, you can download the manual and lighting pdfs.

Click here for the manual

Click here for the lighting effects

Click here for the driver in English

Create spectacular lighting patterns and effects with the Rantopad MXX RGB mechanical keyboard and driver. The minimal 87 character TKL mechanical keyboard conjoins its contemporary look with RGB lighting for a cool and aesthetically pleasing typing experience.

Users can set and combine lighting effects that can be activated separately and simultaneously. Installing the driver, individual keys can be set up to 16.8 different colors on both backlight and key light modes. Also, the keyboard lighting can be synced to the rhythm of the music or movie that is being played.

Backlight modes include bubble, mix, fireworks, impact explosion, alternate wave, fill, fountain, customized breath, and customized lighting.

Key light modes include: reactive, six box grid, ripple, arrow, three line arrow, track, and three line track.

There are 136 different lighting effects available without downloading the driver, including 9 backlight and single color modes and 8 key light modes. The single color mode has 729 adjustable colors.