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Rantopad brings the best in quality, performance, and precision to market in a range of surprisingly affordable computer accessories. Its high-performing mechanical keyboards, mice, and mouse pads are great for everyone, regardless of whether they’re an eSports enthusiast or casual computer user looking for a superior experience.  

Rantopad was founded in 2004 when Ranto, a competitive gamer, set out with $15,000 and a goal to create the world’s best mouse pad. To do this, Ranto recognized the need to incorporate and combine the latest innovations with flawless design. With these guiding principles he created Rantopad’s first product, the RantoPad P1. Rantopad now has over 70 employees and annual revenues in excess of $20M.

Over the last decade, an entire suite of patented and award-winning peripherals has evolved from these early ambitions with designs that have always focused on consumer needs. Rantopad, constantly works with customers, the gaming community, and competitive eSports professionals around the world listening to their needs and incorporating feedback into new and existing products. The goal is to create the best possible products without compromise. Rantopad's team of experienced designers and engineers work tirelessly to incorporate the latest innovations and meticulous design elements that Ranto did in creating the company’s first product.

With over ten years of innovation under its belt, Rantopad continues to deliver a superior user experience across all  products. The signature mechanical gaming keyboards – the MT and the MXX – boast high quality, durability and affordability. The FF Gaming Mouse featuring Omicron microswitches arms gamers with precision and accuracy. The wide range of professional mouse pads are made with the highest quality materials and available available in a multitude of sizes and materials.