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Rantopad Sponsorship Program


  • Sponsorship Program

    Are you a gamer or eSports player who is looking to for a peripheral sponsorship?  If so, Rantopad wants to hear from you.  We are big supporters of the gaming and eSports community and look forward to finding the right gamers, Youtubers, and Twitch streamers to work with.  Due to overwhelming demand, we are only able to accept applications from those who meet the following criteria.

    To apply for sponsorship with Rantopad, you must embody the following social media attributes:

    1. A Twitter following of at least 5,000 
    2. At least 250 concurrent viewers on Twitch per stream and 5,000 Twitch followers OR 5,000 Youtube subs
    3. At least 5,000 followers on Instagram

    We really look forward to speaking to you.  Submissions that do not meet our criteria will unfortunately go unanswered.

    In your submission please include the following information:

    1. What games you play
    2. What tournaments you have entered in and whether or not you have placed
    3. Where you play for your tournaments (locally, regionally, internationally)
    4. What type of sponsorship you are looking for (gear, money)
    5. How you will help promote Rantopad
    6. Sponsorship deck if available

    If you do not fit in with the qualifications listed above but are still interested in getting involved with Rantopad, please reach out to us about joining our affiliate program.

    If you meet the aforementioned criteria, please apply for sponsorship today at