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ATS+ Aluminum Ultra Thin Gaming Mousepad

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  • Description

    The Rantopad ATS+ Aluminum Gaming Mousepad is made of aluminum alloy in order to maximize its durability. Using this mousepad, your mouse will only experience smooth gliding. But don't doubt the accuracy it can provide to your gaming experience! Matte areas on the surface make tracking more precise - if you want to take a head-shot in one of your games, this mousepad will ensure you have the right shot. On the bottom of the pad are four rubber gel feet, used to prevent the pad from slipping. No matter how wildly you move your mouse while gaming, this ATS+ mousepad will stay where its meant to be. This mousepad works with any type of mice, whether optical or laser, regardless of their DPIs. The height of the pad is 2mm; there is almost no relative distance between the pad and the surface of your desk. This helps relieve pressure on your wrist while you're surfing on the Internet or gaming for extended periods of time.

  • Features

    • Matte areas on the surface give a smooth, low-friction glide with added agility and super gaming control. 11x8x0.08in, 280x220x2 mm. Works great with optical and laser mice.
    • Made of one solid piece of aluminum. Very durable. Dual-sided friction treatment to ensure that this mousepad will not be scratched or worn out.
    • 2mm ultra-thin design coordinates the mouse with your desk to keep your setup looking crisp and clean. Helps rest your wrist so it doesn't get sore. Portable and sleek design.
    • Best choice for professional gamers seeking mad fragging action, demanding high-sensitivity, and pursuing low-sensitivity for ultra-precise movements.
  • Colors Available

    • Black
    • Gold
    • Silver

    One Size Available

    • 11"x 8"x 0.08"

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