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Cube Illuminated Gaming Mousepad

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  • Description

    The Cube illuminated gaming mousepad shines with 18K LED lighting via a USB power supply. No longer will you need to deal with an unstable light source that might mess up your gaming intensity. With the Cube illuminated gaming mousepad, you can precisely position your mouse without interfering with the backlight, allowing you to have a high-precision gaming experience. This mousepad will make your game more intense while also adding some spark to your gaming setup.

  • Features

    • A comfortable hard resign surface to optimize your gaming performance.
    • Transparent backing made of anti-slip silicone to ensure that your mousepad stays in place.
    • A stable USB power supply.
    • 18K LED backlight in multiple color options.
  • Colors Available

    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Blue

    One Size Available

    • 10.2"x 8.6"x 0.2"

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