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CYA - Dust Cya - Cleaner

  • Description

    Rantopad gives you an easy way to clean your keyboards and other electronic devices with the Cya dust cleaner. This cleaner is an excellent universal product for cleaning all of your electronics, making it easy to remove dust or dirt within even the smallest spaces. Even better, Cya does not leave behind any residue or damage any surfaces. Use this easy cleaning method to say “Cya!” to your dust problems.

  • Features

    • Can easily reach into the smallest of crevices and openings to remove any dust and debris
    • Universal cleaner for electronic and technology-related devices such as keyboards, mouses, cellphones, laptops, etc.
    • Has a gooey consistency that lets it mold to any shape and pick up dust/dirt efficiently and effectively
  • How To Use

    • Knead in hands for 1-2 minutes
    • Place on keyboard or desired service for 30 seconds to clean. NOTE: Do not leave on keyboard for more than 1-2 minutes! Cya may stick to interior of the keyboard if left for too long
    • Remove from surface and see the dust disappear!


    • After continued use, Cya may lose potency and gradually begin to appear darker in color.
    • If your Cya cleaner dries out, it will lose its adhesive properties and become unusable. To use repeatedly, place Cya into its original bag after each use.
    • Please keep hands dry and clean while using this product.
    • Store Cya in a cool, dark place for preservation purposes.
    • Reminder: Cya is NOT a toy.
    • If eyes are inadvertently exposed to the product, rinse with water immediately for at least 15 minutes. If you notice any swelling or redness, please contact a doctor immediately. If the product is ingested, drink plenty of water and seek immediate medical attention.


    • disinfectants
    • preservatives
    • boric acid
    • methyl benzoate
    • spices

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