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GLIDX Hi-Speed Mouse Feet

  • Description

    When you’re gaming, you need precision and accuracy to optimize your gameplay. That is why Rantopad created GLIDX mouse acceleration stickers. Our GLIDX Hi-Speed Mouse Feet are 0.55mm of high-quality, durable Teflon with a unique polymer surface which can effectively reduce the resistance between the mouse feet and the mouse pad. By reducing this resistance, your gameplay can be quicker, more efficient, and more precise. Additionally, our 3M adhesive provides leaves no residue behind while you game.

  • Features

    • Allows for accelerated gameplay with precise control.
    • Easy to setup and place on your gaming mouse.
    • Durable materials mean you will not experience a high level of wear and tear.
  • Specifications

    • 18 mouse feet per pack
    • 0.55mm thick
    • Made of durable Teflon material
    • 3M adhesive

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