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GTC Gaming Mousepad

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  • Description

    With a resin surface and anti-fray stitched frame, the GTC gaming mousepad is incredibly durable. We guarantee that once you buy this mousepad, you won't need or want another one for a long time. The GTC gaming mousepad offers 30% more precision than normal fabric mousepads, making sure that you don't have to deal with any in-game jitters or interrupted tracking problems. The GTC's rubber base has a secure grip on smooth surfaces, so once you put it on your desk, it won't be moving anywhere. If you're looking for precise targeting and tracking in your games, the GTC Gaming Mousepad is for you.

  • Features

    • Offers total tracking responsiveness for consistently reliable in-game control.
    • Comfortable surface and weave provides a comfortable feel, minimizing fatigue and wrist aches over extended periods of play.
    • Suits gamers who need absolute precision in their gaming, such as those who are looking to hit in-game targets.
    • Made with a resin surface and rubber base for enhanced durability.
  • Colors Available

    • Yellow
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Silver
    • Black

    One Size Available

    • 9.2"x 7.8"x 0.1"

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