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GTS Carbon Gaming Mousepad

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  • Description

    The surface of the Rantopad GTS carbon gaming mousepad, made of carbon-strengthened resin particles, is wear-resistant and super slippery.  Altogether, there are three layers of material used for the GTS. This mousepad is made for the highest level of accuracy while gaming. Sliding resistance is extremely low.  The GTS is best suited for gamers looking for super-fast surface movement while gaming.  It also ensures accurate positioning. The middle layer of material provides stability and support.  Using this mousepad can increase your efficiency by over 30% and also increase your comfort level while gaming by about 30%.  The Rantopad GTS mousepads are created with high-precision printing, gorgeous color, and exceptional detail. An anti-slip rubber base ensures that this mousepad will stay in place on any surface. The GTS is easy to care for and sweat-proof.

  • Features

    • High performance, consistently reliable in-game control, and a thin surface.
    • A mousepad made for pro-gamers. Suitable for all sensitivity settings and gaming mice.
    • Cutting-edge proprietary software that allows you to perfectly calibrate your mouse and mousepad.
    • Resin surface and rubber base that provide durability and keep you from experiencing in-game jitters or problems caused by slippage.
    • Resin surface and rubber base material more durable lifetime.
  • Colors Available

    • Black
    • White

    One Size Available

    • 11.8"x 8.6"x 0.12"

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