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H1X Fabric Gaming Mousepad

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  • Description

    The revolutionary H1X incorporates innovation in its fabric texture. It goes beyond the traditional horizontal and vertical lined weave and is similar to a resin-matte texture.  The horizontal and vertical resistance is very uniform, slightly more than our silk series of mousepads, and improves the feeling of stability during use.  If you're looking for a mousepad that keeps your game on point, this is the one for you.  This mousepad is highly compatible with laser computer mice.  While playing a game, if you are moving fast and need an emergency stop, or if you need precise positioning, the texture of this mousepad is here to help. The best part about the H1X mousepad is that it comes in multiple sizes so that you can choose what is right for your personal gaming needs.

  • Features

    • High quality fabric surface that delivers comfort and consistency.
    • Ultra durable, prevents the phenomenon of de-gumming and aging rubber. 
    • Offers precise positioning.
    • Compatible with most mainstream mice.
    • Moderate thickness and uniform woven linen provides an excellent tactile response and feel. 
    • New upgraded three-dimensional woven surface means your game play can be smoother and faster.
    • Laser cut and soft edge technology to ensure hand comfort.
  • Colors Available

    • Black
    • Orange
    • Green

    Sizes Available

    • Small 11"x 8.6"x 0.1"
    • Medium 13.7"x 9.4"x 0.1"
    • Large 16.5"x 11"x 0.15"
    • Extra Large 15.5"x 13"x 0.15"

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