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ICE+ Acrylic Gaming Mousepad

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  • Description

    If you are looking to game like a pro, the ICE+ acrylic gaming mousepad is just what you need. With a resin surface and acrylic backing, this mousepad offers high tracking performance and gaming optimization.  This mousepad is customized so that it can be used with any sensitivity setting or gaming mice.  Your game, and your gaming setup, can only get better with the ICE+ Mousepad.

  • Features

    • A matte surface that offers users a super low-friction glide and added agility.
    • Natural non-skid rubber base to make sure the mouse pad grips firmly and steadily to any surface.
    • Transparent acrylic surface to make the mousepad both durable and fashionable.
    • Optimized to achieve accuracy and precision during gaming for all optical and laser mice.
  • Colors Available

    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Blue

    Sizes Available

    • One Size 11"x 8.8"x 0.1"

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